Clearview tree surgery services

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Tree Felling

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Hedge Cutting & Shaping

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Stump Grinding / Removal

Crown thinning
Removal  of secondary branches allowing more light to enter tree, also reducing wind resistance to relieve stress to tree. This is a time consuming operation requiring a high level of expertise.

Crown lifting
Removal of lowest branches to raise the canopy. This operation is normally carried out for aesthetic reasons or to enable vehicular access or roof clearance for garages, sheds etc.

Crown reduction
Reduction of overall size, width and height of canopy. This involves removing lateral branches and limbs whilst maintaining the overall shape and balance of the tree. This can be performed to customer specification, whether it is a 30%, 40% or 50% reduction.

The head of main branches are cut back to promote a more bushy growth of foliage to prevent them outgrowing their allotted space, casting shade, obstructing electric cables, streetlights or blocking gutters.

This involves a complete extraction of the tree. Various methods are used to remove the tree, and work is performed in the safest manner as staff see fit.

Target pruning
Removal of unwanted limbs and branches, leaving as little open wound as possible. This is done to maintain the life of the tree. The climber performs several reducing cuts and then one final cut on the tree leaving a small collar. Also, removal of any deadwood is performed at this time to avoid any future damage to vehicles / buildings / people below caused by falling branches.

Stump grinding
This operation removes tree stumps using a powerful rotating cutting head that grinds away the wood into small chips.

Stump poisoning
This operation involves treating the stump with an appropriate herbicide to encourage the stump and roots to rot away over time. A chemical application form will be completed following the operation.

Cable bracing
Cables provide additional support for parts of the tree at risk from breakage. Installation of cables is aimed at sharing stress of weak points by counterbalancing across the crown.

Maintaining and shaping the hedge achieving a uniform appearance and line involves pruning and boxing off sides, top and bottom to customer specification. Staff will inform customer about the High Hedges Act 2005 if appropriate.
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