Clearview tree surgery FAQ's

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What Is a TPO?
A TPO is a Tree Preservation Order. If a TPO is in place, it is an offence to cut the tree in any manner without the consent of the local authority. Failure to comply with a TPO may incur a fine of up to £20,000. Advice should be taken from a reputable tree surgeon and the local authority before any work is undertaken.

Am I responsible for my trees?
Yes - you are if the trees are on your land. It is your responsibility to maintain your trees so they do not cause harm or injury to persons or property. If it is proved that you are negligent, you could be fined.

What is a Conservation Area?
Many of the rules applicable to Tree Preservation Orders apply here. The general rule of thumb is that if a tree in a Conservation Area is deemed to be unsafe or dangerous it can be pruned or removed, upon agreement from the local authority.

I have overhanging branches in my garden. What can I do?
You are allowed by law to cut back branches or hedges that overhang your garden from a neighbouring property (provided the tree is not the subject of a Tree Preservation Order). You must offer the cut wood or any fruit to the neighbour who owns the tree. Disputes can usually be resolved by good communication and common sense.

Can I get a price over the phone?
Not usually. Every tree has its own individual characteristics, and every job has different logistics and complications.
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